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2023-02-22 09:57:40
HTC-ITC’s land advantage

Owning and self-operating international connections on the mainland through the northern and southern border gates. HTC-ITC ensures that service quality is always maintained stably, with no service interruption incidents.

While Consecutively at the end of December 2022 and January 2023, the APG undersea cable route had problems on branches S6 connecting to Hong Kong (China) and S9 with the faulty cable location about a distance from the SEA landing station. 151 km. These two problems cause the loss of all capacity on the APG cable.

According to the new tentative plan announced to carriers in Vietnam, the problem on the S6 branch of the APG route will be fixed between March 23, 2023 and March 27, 2023; The error on the S9 branch connecting to Singapore and Japan will be fixed in April 2023.

At a meeting with telecommunications businesses on this issue, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung emphasized the need to ensure that Vietnam’s international internet connection not only ensures the quality of services provided to users. but also to help economic activities be connected smoothly.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung asked telecommunications businesses to open more connections on the mainland and apply technical measures to ensure international connections. Specifically, the operator must ensure that the actual usage capacity of customers during peak hours will always be at 90% of the international capacity that the operator can meet to avoid congestion.

As a 15-year-old telecommunications company in the industry, HTC-ITC owns 4 overland and 3 undersea cable routes to the world. The direction of China is through Huu Nghi border gate, the direction of China is through Tan Thanh border gate, the direction of Cambodia through Moc Bai border gate and finally Cambodia direction through Khanh Binh border gate. The cable directions connecting on land, in addition to the main direction, are guaranteed from 2 to 3 redundant connection directions.

In addition, HTC-ITC always maintains a reserve of international internet bandwidth in the form of burstable of major domestic and international partners, ensuring that it can be put into use immediately. , keeping the quality of service stable when there is an undersea cable problem.

In the situation that the undersea fiber optic cable is a fragile wire in the middle of the sea, having land cables is a useful option for HTC-ITC to ensure stable internet quality.

With well-invested services and infrastructure according to international standards, HTC-ITC has been highly appreciated by many domestic and international organizations and chosen for long-term cooperation because of its service quality and working style. The professional work of the staff are all experienced professionals in the profession.

Up to now, with a team of nearly 400 employees serving more than 1000 domestic and foreign corporate customers, more than 100 large and small urban projects spread across Vietnam. In the future, HTC-ITC will continue to strive to improve the infrastructure as well as the quality of the transmission line to bring the best experience to customers.