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2023-02-22 09:52:26
Turning on Wi-Fi when not at home for a long time has many potential dangers

When leaving home for a long time, you should turn off or unplug electronic devices, including Wi-Fi, for the following important reasons.

Security Threats

People are often used to forms of cyber attacks like phishing emails, pop-ups from websites or something like that. However, cybercriminals can install malware over your Wi-Fi network if there is enough time for an uninterrupted connection.

Wi-Fi should be turned off or unplugged when away from home for a long time

Cybercriminals often need two factors to carry out an attack: motivation and accessibility.

Motivation is often simple, but accessibility can be more difficult. When the  Wi-Fi connection is turned on while no one is at home, it gives them the time they need to infiltrate your network undetected.

Turn off Wi-Fi when away from home for a long time to limit network attacks. Photo: SlashGear

As a result, turning off or unplugging Wi-Fi when away from home for a long time will cut off the connection, making it impossible for criminals to access your home’s network.

While this threat may be insignificant to many, criminal behavior often occurs when given the opportunity. Therefore, when you eliminate their opportunities, you will be less likely to become a target.

Risk of fire

According to Lifewire, turning off or unplugging electronic devices, including Wi-Fi, can help prevent the possibility of a fire.

Unplug Wi-Fi when away from home for long periods of time to help prevent fire hazards. Photo: SlashGear

While at home, you can handle electrical problems that occur. But when the house is left unattended, there will be no incident like lightning storm or any other electrical emergency.

Dell notes that surge protectors can be built into electronic devices and that their primary function is to minimize damage caused by sudden electrical currents flowing through the device. However, when you are not at home to deal with a fire situation, the damage can be much worse if unfortunately a second lightning strike or another power surge is caused by a local infrastructure failure. .

Real Homes reports that Wi-Fi devices do not pose the same high level of fire risk as many other devices in your home. The potential danger is there, however, and the task of unplugging the wall is as simple as any you’ll complete on your final check before leaving the house. It won’t take much longer, the important thing is that you feel secure when away from home.

Consumption of electricity bills

Finally, Real Homes believes that unplugging Wi-Fi before leaving the house for a long time will help save electricity.

Turning off Wi-Fi when not at home for a long time helps save electricity. Photo: SlashGear

While most devices like TVs or computers will use minimal power when not in use, a Wi-Fi router is always active when connected to a power source. This device is constantly broadcasting to other devices that can connect to the network, so it does not sleep.

Turning off or unplugging your Wi-Fi router completely when you’re away for a week, or even just a few days, is a simple but significant action for saving electricity. This action also helps reduce energy costs in the long run.